I have worked in the food industry since I graduated high school in 2004. I worked for a cafĂ© and catering company preparing food, waitressing and baking for 3 years prior to attending 2 years of chef training. Where I was able to gain experience in both preparing food for a cafeteria, restaurant, catering and also leading my own group as a manager in planning, preparing and serving for a banquet. I have been catering on my own since 2011. I am very passionate about food. All of my menu items are created by me, this includes barbecue sauce, lasagna sauce, teriyaki sauce and even our lemonade is made from real lemon juice. This allows me to know every ingredient in my food and helps me to suit all of your dietary needs. I am always happy to create custom items or change an item to suit any customers needs.
(Photo by: Danae Jones Photography)