Appetizers and Hors D'oeurves

A. ($5.25 per person, per item)
Mini meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting and bacon bit sprinkles
- Ground beef, Italian sausage, and shredded vegetables are combined with eggs and seasonings to make the mini cupcake that is glazed with a sweet tomato maple sauce and topped with loaded mashed potatoes.
Slow smoked pulled pork sliders- Our slow smoked pork combined with our homemade bbq sauce served with mini buns.
Antipasto Platter- Greek olives, salami, pepperoni, variety cheese cubes, and marinated artichoke hearts
Meat and cheese platter- A variety of meats and cheeses, arranged neatly on a platter
Smoked Salmon Dip- House smoked salmon combined with sour cream, cream cheese, dill, lemon juice and chives. Served with crackers, carrot sticks, celery sticks and cucumber. 
Stuffed Mushrooms- White wine marinated mushrooms filled with a sausage and cheese filling. 

B.  ($3.75 per person, per item)
Mini Quiche-
Homemade mini quiche: bacon onion mushroom, ham and cheddar, vegetarian or choice of up to 3 fillings. 
Mediterranean Platter- Traditional hummus served with pita, carrots, cucumbers and Greek olives.
Barbecue or Sweet and Sour Meatballs- Ground beef and pork meatballs simmered in homemade barbecue or sweet and sour sauce.
Fruit Salsa with baked cinnamon chips- fresh seasonal fruit is diced and combined with sugar and jam to make a delicious salsa with homemade cinnamon chips.​
Caprese skewers- Cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves on a bamboo skewer
Watermelon, cherry tomato and basil skewers-​ Watermelon, cherry tomato and basil skewered and drizzled with a reduction of balsamic vinegar and sugar.

C. ($2.25 per person, per item)
Fresh Fruit Platter- Fresh cut seasonal fruit served on a platter.
Spinach dip with crackers and veggies- Spinach Dip served with carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

D. (
$1.50 per person, per item)​
​Ranch Dip and Vegetable Platter-
Ranch Dip served with carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

Chips and Salsa- Tortilla chips served with Salsa. ​